e- Solutions Powerful Features

Besides the search options, Digit#l LEMB also offers the cataloging librarian the following features:

  • Automatic browsing through the subject titles including the use of cross references.
  • Format toggle between text and MARC formats.
  • Export authorities to a text file.
  • Subject headings printing.
  • Copy of a full or partial selection of a subject heading to a clipboard.
  • Show the most recent found subject headings.
  • Save search history, browse or execute saved searches.
  • Change the font size text to the current displayed authority.
  • Add subject headings to “favorites” and add notes to them.
  • Edit a subject heading from the list of favorites, erases it from the list or modify its annotation.
  • Cancel a long search process, without loosing any items that were already found.
  • Add a search to the list of stored searches, and later on load, edit, execute or erase it.
  • Send comments of a certain subject heading to the Luis Angel Arango Library, by e-mail.
  • Show interfaces, as well as messages and help windows in English or in Spanish.
  • Shows information of subdivisions.

Digit@l LEMB owns search software built in a powerful search engine that allows the following operations:

  • Text search on subject titles, both in plain text or MARC record.
  • Text search on the whole record, on the subject title, on the subject description in English and on specific MARC labels.
  • Use of Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.
  • Search using the truncation character (*) for any text search (ex. Art*) and the wildcard (?) for any letter’s search (ex. Art?).

Note: Digit@l LEMB highlights all instances of those words consulted, within all the subject titles that satisfy the search.

Main Purpose Introductions

The main purpose of this list is to establish standardized subject headings, that are capable of becoming a reliable tool for the cataloguing of materials, the conformation and construction of modules of authorities in MARC format and a precise source in the access of public catalogues.

In addition, Digit@l LEMB aims to increase the degree of availability of information in the different libraries and to elevate the index of right answers to the questions asked by users of the information services.

Digit@l LEMB contains all the records of the subject headings available at the Luis Angel Arango Library’s authority database.